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Fossler wines, are obtained from selected sectors of the InVina vineyards. Candied, ripe and fine varietal aromas are privileged. The wines are of greater volume and structure on the palate, with soft, elegant tannins and voluptuous body.

In our Gran Reserva range you will enjoy a spicy complex wine with rich red fruit nose and flavors of cherries, dried prunes and licorice overlaid on spicy oak notes. All fermented in small tanks and aged in barrel for 12 months.

In our Reserva wines you will find full-bodied oak-aged wines with structure, concentration and exciting complexity.

Our Classic wines comes from our vineyards located in the heart of the Maule Valley. It is made with our best selection of grapes that were carefully vinified in InVina, our modern winery. The wine has exceptional colour, vibrant varietal expression and a smooth, elegant finish.

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Life, food and wine matching!

Special Edition pairing food

Excellent with red meats, pig with creamy sauces and semi-mature cheeses. It is recommended to drink between temperature 16 ° - 18 ° C.

Reserva pairing food

Great for lamb or pork dishes and game birds. It is recommended to drink between temperature 16 ° - 18 ° C.

Varietal pairing food

Enjoy it with steaks, ribs or lamb and fresh salads.You should drink a Tº between 16º-18º C.