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The Maule Region, which includes both the Maule and Curicó Valleys, is Chile´s historical viticultural heartland, representing 44% of Chile´s viniferous grape production in 2008. Maule is famous for churning out grapes for generic wines. This is mostly due to its fragmented producer base who often do not have the capacity to implement modern viticultural techniques, and to make matters worse, often planted the wrong variety in the wrong place within the valley.

Several major wineries have large vineyards in the region producing wines for their upscale products, but the region´s low reputation has caused them to eschew promoting this on their wine labels, preferring instead to put either the generic "Central Valley" denomination, or to blend enough wine from other regions to use more famous appellations such as Maipo or Colchagua.





However, proper identification of micro-climates and modern viticultural techniques have proven Maule´s ability to compete with Chile´s most prestigeous wine regions, with the added benefit that land and labor costs in the region are significantly lower. Furthermore, the vast size of the Maule region in comparison to other regions in Chile mean that there are numerous microclimates that can be chosen from to suit particular varieties and styles.

InVina has chosen the Maule Valley as its base precisely for these reasons.

InVina´s four properties cover three distinct microclimates, all within less than 50 kilometers from eachother, and all within 30 minutes by car from Talca. We believe that our current vineyard holdings present a unique opportunity for a major winery to secure a solid and diverse grape production base.

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