Lost in the hills of Chile´s coastal mountains, Ojos Verdes vineyard is a hidden treasure.


The Origin

Lost in the hills of Chile´s coastal mountains, Ojos Verdes vineyard is a hidden treasure

The summers are long and dry, but temperatures are moderated by cooling breezes from the nearby Pacific Ocean

The coastal mountains form no snowcap in winter, so there is no snowmelt for irrigationHowever, the deep clay soils retain moisture from the winter rains, which slowly seep out to form “ojos verdes” (green eyes) that dot the landscape, and provide just enough moisture for the vines to grow.

The result is healthy vines, with naturally restrained vigor, and a constant but not overwhelming level of stress, producing grapes with magnificent concentration.

The Origin

Green eyes

Ojos Verdes are the “Green Eyes” where water accumulates, even during the summer, and which help us to irrigate the vineyards, and gave the vineyards their name.


The Origin

Grapes were  harvested by hand in April and May, using 10 kilo baskets, turned over into 400 kg. bins for transport to the winery.The grapes were cold macerated for 5 days, then fermented in stainless steel tanks between 26º – 30º C degrees for 10 days.  The best lots were selected for their concentration and intensity, and were aged in a mixture of new and second-use French barrels for 18 months.  After bottling the wine was aged for 18 months before being released.

This wine is concentrated and complex, with a juicy richness of cool climate growing.
Ideal for pastas, matured cheeses, lumb, steak and game meats.
It is recommended to drink between temperature 16 ° – 18 ° C.


Cabernet Franc






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The Experience

Knowledge and Experience: Led by viticultural advisor Yerko Moreno and enologist Ed Flaherty, our vineyard and winery team visit the sectors designated for premium production and develop the management plans for each sector.